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The ultimate slumber party guide for tweens

Pink Poppy Tween

The ultimate slumber party guide for tweens

As the weather heats up, slumber parties are the ultimate treat for every tween. To make sure you have everything covered we have compiled a list of essentials curated by a tween for tweens.

  • Fabric party bags/party cases. Why do people always give out party bags at the end of the party, why not give them out and create a bit of excitement upon guest arrival.  Skip the lollies, nobody really needs them and go straight for a selection of essentials for your besties. Inside your party case or bag include essentials such as eye masks and a bit of  lipgloss and special note thanking them for sharing this slumber party with you. 

Pink Poppy eye maskPink Poppy LipglossPink Poppy BagsBeauty Case

  • Glamour session. Go all crazy and create a fun evening filled with laughter and delight with a glamour session. You will be amazed what a good coloured wig can do to a group of girls. For those girls who love the glamour of makeup, but don't want the commitment, Pink Poppy face stickers  can instantly add a sense of sparkle and don't forget the lipgloss- scented is a must.

  Pink Poppy EigsFace stickers

  • Lighting Create a space which makes people feel welcome with clever lighting, whether it be a fun dim lamp for a bit of relaxation or add a bit of disco with a fun vibrant lamp.

  lightsdisco light

  • Slumber party tents. There are a few great companies who offer to set up your party with fun tents, if not add a few handy decorations here and there to make your space feel special. A good ribbon wand or a wings are great.

Pastel wands Wings

  • Other essentials include: 
    • Create a playlist especially for your party with all your fav tracks
    • Take loads of photos and create fun thank you cards for your guests to remind them of your party
    • Food essentials: pizza, pizza and more pizza.


A note to Mums: remember Mums, always include the birthday girl in your planning and remember not to plan anything the next day as there will be some extra cleaning required. 

Slumber tents

Written by Kiki (Tween from Sydney)

Gorgeous Slumber Party Tents from Away with the Pixies