4 Retail Merchandising Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

4 Retail Merchandising Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

  • Cross Merchandise

Cross merchandising is the process of displaying different types of products together to increase sales. 

Look for interesting ways to cross merchandise. For example, at Pink Poppy, our Floor stands carry various types of children's accessories which would otherwise be in different areas of a retail store. The Idea is to ignite the shopper's imagination, save them time, and improve the shopping experience. 

  • Encourage Impulse Buys

Encouraging impulse purchases has to be one of the best retail merchandising tips out there. 

While shoppers wait in line to check out, why not encourage them to keep shopping by placing eye-catching products within reach. At Pink Poppy, we have designed our Counter display with that purpose in mind.

  • Use Empty Space Wisely

Let's say you've got a small store, and you want to ensure you are getting the best use out of your space. You can create unique product displays that promote your best-selling products. You could also utilise ours out of box floor stand solution, with all the must-have gifts, in a single compact floor stand.

  • Use a Theme

You can also develop displays around themes. Halloween is around the corner. You will see more and more retailers placing their Halloween merchandise right at the fingertip of the customers. You can create a display with all your Halloween themed merchandise, or you can take it a step further and get into the spooky spirit of Halloween. According to a study conducted during Halloween festivities, retailers reported a whopping 75.4% increase in spending on items like candy, costumes and obviously, pumpkins.


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